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ATTENTION: dataFilegrid is shifting focus and changing to a PRIVATE access only website.
The current dataFilegrid (public website site) will be closing and will be unavailable soon.
This website will be unavailable to login after June 30th 2018. Please download your files before June 30th 2018 because those files will not be accessible after that date.
Last updated: April 16, 2018.

dataFilegrid.com  is developed, operated and owned by  DKpcCODE, LLC  which is a software development and consulting company.

The purpose of dataFilegrid.com is to allow users to upload/download and share/stream their own data files from any computer with an internet connection and a supported web browser. Please see our Terms of Service.

We like to think of dataFilegrid.com as your personal online data file storage solution where you can share or stream your data files or keep them private for only you to access whenever and from wherever you want. Please see our Privacy Policy.

We protect your data by using an SSL connection (AES 128-Bit Encryption): to secure all data transactions on our site. This is the same level of protection that banks use which helps protect and keep your files private and safe.

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